Paul Goodman, circa 1971 / Photo by Heka Davis, courtesy of Paul Goodman Estate


Paul Goodman was thinking globally and acting locally before it became a slogan. His voice was as vividly American as Whitman’s.

Judith Levine

Justice Postponed in Guatemala

Former dictator José Efraín Ríos Montt has escaped responsibility for genocide, and so has the United States.

Lauren Carasik

Little, Big

Some big-time development economists are focusing on small experiments. Others are looking at huge trends in political economy. But both camps are missing something.

Pranab Bardhan

The Forgetting Shiraz

He wanted to forget the brutalities he’d seen, start a vineyard, a winery. That grape seemed an appropriate place to start.

Short story by E. Lily Yu

Rethinking the War on Terror

President Obama’s speech on counterterrorism strategy fell short on substance.

Elizabeth Goitein and Faiza Patel

At Stanford University’s Center for Ethics in Society, economist John B. Taylor argues that government intervention in the economy is a major cause of its continuing sluggish growth.

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“No to Profit”

Fighting Privatization in Chile
Lili Loofbourow

Martial Flaw

Why Tsarnaev Is Not an Enemy Combatant
Elizabeth Goitein—Web only

Praying to Allah on Bastille Day

Winner of 2012–13 BR Essay Contest
Kate Korman
Glenn C. Loury, judge
—Web only

Against the Brahmins

An interview with Pankaj Mishra
Wajahat Ali—Web only

Identity We Are Willing to Have

Peranakan Vassar grad finds her place with the Navajo
Josey Foo—Web only

Getting Smarter

Why are human beings becoming more intelligent?
Claude S. Fischer

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The Ghost of Berries

“If only you could know,” his mother said, “how much this is not blueberry. A real blueberry is plump and juicy as a pinky toe.”
Joe Fassler


The country is empty and twisting. You could search for a dozen years and not find the mine.
Ben C. Stroud

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Can Global Brands Create Just Supply Chains?

Companies such as Nike and Apple have attempted to improve working conditions in their suppliers’ factories, but the results have been disappointing.

A forum with lead essay by Richard M. Locke and responses from from Isaac Shapiro, Tim Bartley, Jodi L. Short and Michael W. Toffel, Gary Gereffi, Hannah Jones, Pamela Passman, Drusilla Brown, Aseem Prakash, and Layna Mosley. Richard M. Locke replies.

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State of the Nation

A Costly Defense

Sequestration won’t gut the military
Cindy Williams

The Turnout Mystery

Obama won despite low voter participation
Stephen Ansolabehere

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Hold the Finch

Jean Valentine

A More Ordinary Poet

Seeking Emily Dickinson
Gillian Osborne

Eat What You Kill

Sophie Cabot Black—Web only

from The Uses of the Body

Deborah Landau

Declining Public Appetite for Large Wars of Occupation

Dara Wier

2013 “Discovery” Poetry Contest

Winning poems by Catherine Blauvelt, Julia Guez, Raena Shirali, and Erika L. Sánchez

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On Film

Lolita in Japan

Abbas Kiarostami’s Like Someone in Love explores the oddball relationship between a Japanese call girl and an 80-year-old retired professor.

Alan A. Stone

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